All in one … waves, flatwater, slalom and freestyle conditions

Boavista is one of our first spots we developed, but only within the last few years it became more and more famous. It is obviously THE winter destination for all windsurfers, kitesurfers and surfers who search for the ultimate all round spot with flat water and waves. A relativly short flight time and only 2 hours time difference are only two rational arguments.

Boavista is one of the nine inhabited islands of the Cape Verde and located at the height of Dakar/Africa in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (about 1000 km south of the Canary Islands). 

The Passat wind makes its journey down from the Canarian Island to the Cape Verde Islands in October and stays until end of May. So perfect for windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing during the winter time when other spots are rare around the globe.

Boavista is great for all kind of levels of surfers, windsurfers, sup-riders and kitesurfers, doesn´t matter if you are beginner or expert.

Next to the various watersport conditions, Boavista offers still its original flair. You will get in touch with the locals and feel the lifestyle and the spirit of the island just when you´re landing on this pearl in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.



Helena Reibenspies     Windsurf-, Kitesurf- SUP-Instructor and Surf Instructor
Ulrich Frank     Windsurf-, Kitesurf- SUP-Instructor and Surf Instructor
Percy Sandhoff     Windsurf-, Kitesurf- SUP-Instructor and Surf Instructor
Pulitcha     Windsurf-, Surf-, SUP-Instructor and Tour-Guide, Rescue, Boatshuttle, Service
Simon Estrella      Windsurf-, Surf-, SUP-Instructor and Tour-Guide, Rescue, Boatshuttle, Service


Boards     about 25
Starboard     We offer you 2016 Starboard windsurfing boards. Choose between different Freeride, Freerace and Freeride models. Furthermore we do have still some Fanatic boards in our range, which will be step by step replaced by further nice Starboards.
Rigs     about 32
Severne     You can choose between different 2015/2016 Severne sails. Find the perfect sail of your whiches, doesn´t matter if wave-, freestyle-, freeride or freerace-sails, we give you a wide range to try the latest sails from leading sailmaker Severne. In addtition we still have plenty of North Sails in our range which we replace step by step with further Severne Sails. 


We only teach you on kiteequipment of the latest generation with the highest possible safety standard. 
Boards     about 12
Kites     about 20 

Spot Information

    especially light and easy to handle equipment is available
Wetsuits/Harnesses     are available in a limited quantity and for free for voucher guests, we recommend to bring the own wetsuit, harness, shoes and gloves
Storage facilities
    20 pax, includes storage for 1 board + 2 rigs, fresh water washing place, security, team service, rescue
Storage facilities
    20 pax, includes fresh water washing place, security, team service, kite-launching and -landing
Tuition Windsurf     Taste it, Beginner, Step by Step, Private lesson, Video clinic, seminars
Tuition Kitesurf     Taste it, Beginner, Step by Step, Private lesson, Supervision, seminars
Safety     Rescue boat, security list
Special services     Boogie-Boards and Surfboards for voucher guests for free
Extra Activities
(at the center)
    snorkeling, fishing, slackline, surfing
Evening Activities     Sundowner drink in the dunes, BBQ, dinner, beachparty at the Morabeza Bar/Restaurant (Center 2) with live music
Optional Activities
(external operators)
    - Quad tours and rental
- Diving
- Boat- and snorkeltrips to Sal Rei island
- Half day or day island tour with pick-up to the famous island spots (Praia do Chavez, Praia de Santa Monica, Deserto de Viana, Moro Negro, and many others)
- Whale Watching and Fishing-Trips

Our center is located about 5-10 minutes from Sal Rei town in the bay of Sal Rei. The place is called Tortuga Beach Club with a Italian Restaurant/Bar as well as shadow places and sunbeds. It´s is the closest watersport center to the city hotels like Hotel Estoril, Ca´Nicola, Guesthouse Orchidea and Luca Kalema (2-7 minutes walk). 

From this center you can start straight with your windsurfing, SUP- or surfsession. 

Spot Guide Boavista     The wind blows side offshore from the right without shore break as the beach in front of the center is protected by the island of Sal Rei. Due to the close location to the town, the wind is right in front of the center pretty light and gusty, further out it gets stronger and more constant. From the center you can reach all spots around the bay, with the wave on the right next to the harbour (Funana) which can reach 3-4 meters. 200 meter downwind from the center you will find the second wavespot in front of the Turtle Bay. Between both wavespots the water is flat to choppy and next to a little sandbank at the Sal Rei Island you will find super flat water and constant wind, perfect to increase your jibing skills and to improve your freestyle moves.

A rescue boat secures the safety on the spot and offers a free shuttle service for windsurfers and kitesurfers back to the center, to save you going all the way back upwind. Kitesurfers can also use the shuttle to launch their kites in the near by Turtle Bay which is better for kitesurfing. 

General Travel

Payment possibilities     Euros, US$, local currency, Visacard, Mastercard (ATM works only with VISA!!, Mastercard payment possible at the center)
Health     Healthcenter in Sal Rei (5 min from the Planet Allsports Center)
Airport/Airline     Boavista(BVC) /, Condor
Transfer     ca. 5 - 10 min., contact us for transfer booking


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