A pearl in the German North Sea!

The Planet Allsports Center Norderney is located in the most northern part of Germany. The island Norderney is surrounded by many of the famous German islands in the North Sea only a few kilometers away from the German coast. Norderney is known a one of the best Windsurfing and Kite spots in Germany as it has various conditions for all kind of levels and styles. Either beginner who like to do there first steps into this fascinating sports but also Pro-Riders find there perfect conditions. Germanys most successful Windsurfer is Bernd Flessner, born and grown up in Norderney, he learned windsurfing in Norderney and made it up to the top riders of the world.
Our center is located at the Yacht Harbor of Norderney at the south western part of the island. Infront of the center there is a big bay which has partly standing areas and flatwater, therefore you will find perfect conditions to learn windsurfing there. Gunther Baade and his wife Claudia are owning the center, they are one of the pioneers of windsurfing in Germany. Besides Gunther was also for many years testrider of the German Surf Magazin and was testing yearly the new wave and freeride material of all big windsurfing brands like North Sails, Fanatic, JP, Neilpryde, etc. Gunther is also one of the VDWS trainers who educate new, young windsurfers to licensed VDWS Windsurf instructors.



Gunther Baade     center manager, instructor for windsurfing, kitesurfing, S.U.P.
Claudia Baade     center manager, instructor for windsurfing
Thorsten Weik     instructor for windsurfing, s.u.p., kajaking, shop-manager
Stefan Oest     instructor for windsurfing, s.u.p., kitesurfing, surfing
Anika Junge     instructor for windsurfing, kajaking, s.u.p., shop-manager
Christian Winderlich     instructor for surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing
plus 14 VDWS-Instructors     all windsurfing-instructors


Boards     ca. 135
    freewave 115, shark 115, 125,130, 145, 155
Rigs     ca. 160
North Sails
    Ego, Ice, natural, drive, vdws-junior + kids


Boards     ca. 4
North Kiteboarding
Kites     ca. 10
North Kiteboarding

Spot Information

Wetsuits/Harnesses     25 harnesses for rental, 200 wetsuits an shoes for rental
Storage facilities
    15 pax for 1 board and 2 riggs
Tuition Windsurf     all kid lessons, beginner, refresh, all manoevers, freestyle, freeride
Tuition Kitesurf     only beginners
Safety     2 motorboats, shallow water, save bay (no open sea)
Extra Activities
(at the center)
    surfing lessons, s.u.p-lessons, kajak-tours
Evening Activities     BBQ
Location     south corner of norderney, white beach / wattenmeer
Spot Guide Norderney     perfect conditions for kids + families, all beginners, freerider and freestyler, wavesailing only with own equipment
Transfer and tour guide services     self organized travel

General Travel

Payment possibilities     only cash
Health     all kind of doctors availabel
WLAN     free internet-terminal at the center
Airport/Airline     no airport
Transfer     taxi
Local transportations     taxi or bike (most places on the island without car traffic!)



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