Equipment Stand-up-paddle!

Stand-up-paddling (SUP) is the new trendsport from Hawaii and it´s getting more and more famous around the world. Standing on a special Surfboard (SUP-Board) and using a long paddle, you can cruise around on lakes, rivers and on the sea and discover the nature from the waterside!
For Stand-up-paddling you need only a SUP-Board and a paddle – nothing more!
In our centers we provide you with different models of Stand-up-paddling Boards from our partner Fanatic. We have boards and paddles in different sizes, perfect for every type of rider and any kind of conditions, from flatwater to waves.

SUP Boards are in average 2,80 – 5,50 meter long and 55 – 90 cm wide. The shape of the boards are similar to surfboards and longboards.

The SUP-Paddle is usually made of alu or carbon and is adjustable to your body height.

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