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But really, why should you sign up with us? Because we promise the same things all the others do? Equipment, hip spots, courses, the newest, the best, the coolest? You’d better forget about all that right away.

Of course, you’ll be excited about the best board, kite or bike. About the view from your bungalow and the skills of the course instructors. But that’s normal. Less normal is a feeling. A feeling when you arrive that part of you has always been here. And even worse: that part doesn’t ever want to leave.

See you soon.

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OPENING soon: Lago di Garda - Capo Reamol

It´s known as the windsurfing-mekka in the world. And truely it´s still one of the most beautiful places for windsurfing, kitesurfing and other sports in the world. A place where history was written and where heros where born. The place where freestyle windsurfing was invented. 
Once you where there you will always return. This amazing mountain lake with the mediterranean flair it´s a magic place for all outdoor sport lovers. Windsurfing, kitesurfin, mountainbiking, climbing, paragliding..... 
End of April we will open our new Planet Allsports center for windsurfing, kitesurfing and stand-up-paddeling at the famous Hotel Capo Reamol. It is the best place on the lake for the morning wind (Peler) which comes from the mountains in the north. Later the day around noon, the wind switches the direction to south wind for another amazing session on the water. 
Soon we will present you more infos and pictures etc. meanwhile have a look also on the hotel website: www.hotelcaporeamol.it
Your Planet Allsports Team. 






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