Beginner Kitesurfing

How to learn kitesurfing

For whom the sport is suitable?
For everyone who has fun with movement and action.

What do I need to learn Kitesurfing?
You are more than 12 years old, you can swim and you have fun in sports!

How can I learn Kitesurfing?
The quickest and most successful way you will learn Kitesurfing is with an educated Kitesurf instructor. Search for a a Kitesurf school of your choice, and register yourself for a Kitesurf beginner course.

Is Kitesurfing difficult?
No, if you choose the right spot, material and a good Kitesurfing instructor! And if you also bring your own ambition and will, then it’s easy to learn Kitesurfing.

Is Kitesurfing dangerous?
No, Kitesurfing isn’t dangerous. During your course you will deal with the possible dangers, and you will learn what to do in emergency situations. Kitesurfing is one of the sports with less injuries. But it´s deciding to have the latest kiteequipment with the latest safety standards. Over the past few years the equipments has developed speciall in terms of safety that kiting is not dangerous anymore if the material is handled the right way. We are using only the lates safety standards and choosing the right spot with lots of space.

How much does it cost to learn Kitesurfing?
In a Planet Allsports center, the prebooked beginner course 10 hours incl. material cost 290 Euro.

Where can I learn Kitesurfing?
Best in a IKO or VDWS tested watersportschool worlwide, its spot is suitable for Kitesurf beginners.

Which spots are suitable for Kitesurf beginners?
(“Spots” means the area for surfers in a travel destination). Most suitable spots with flatwater, standing area, with huge space and with less waves, without Shore Break (“Shore break” means when the waves break right on the shore, and the entry is made difficult!

How long does a Kitesurf beginner course take?
A Kitesurf beginner course takes in depence of the group size between 6 and 10 hours. We always run our courses in small groups to garantie the learning success and the safety.

How quickly I can learn Kitesurfing?
The first success you will see after the a few hours. After finishing the beginner course you will have the skills to drive straight independently, to turn, to relaunch the kite by your self out of the water and to move safely on the water. Within the next level course, a advanced course (Step by Step) you will improve your riding technic and you will learn to keep your hight and to go upwind to make sure that you are always able to come back to your starting point.

How can I recognize a good Kitesurf school?
We recommend you to learn Kitesurfing in a IKO or VDWS licenced school, because the teaching standards and Instructors are all the time on the best level. All IKO/VDWS schools are visible by flags and sign on the centers. In IKO/VDWS schools you have the possiblity to get your own international IKO/VDWS licence. With this licence, you can rent Kitesurf material everywhere in the world. On most centers you can only rent material, if you own a IKO or VDWS licence with VDWS level 5.

Can I learn Kitesurfing in a Group or alone?
How you prefer! If you learn it in a group you will of course have more fun and it will be a bit cheaper. Our courses are organized in small groups to garantie your learning success and your safety.

What is the training for a Kitesurf course?
After a theoretical introduction on the beach, about the material, weather, water and wind, you can go directly in the water! There you will learn to start, launch and control the kite, and to make body dragging. Later on you will learn to start with the kiteboard to ride and turn! Within the next course, the advanced course (Step by Step) you will improve your riding technic as well as keeping your hight and going upwind to make sure that you are able to kite back to you starting point at any time. Furthermore you will learn your first jumps.

What do I need, what should I bring with me?
Swimwear is sufficient, wetsuit for protection against cold and injury, a helmet and harness you will get from the surfcenter.

What kind of kite material do I need?
It’s very important to use the right kite material, especially the right size of the kite and the board.  The right material will be provided for you during your course!

Can I kite alone after the course?
Yes, mabye you need some help from an instructor with a supervision lesson. Depending on you level we recommend a to do a advanced course (Step by Step) to secure that you are always safe on the water. In most schools you will need a Kitesurfing licence.

Do I get a Kitesurf licence after the course?
You have the possibility to get a Kitesurf licence after finishing the course. You have to do a short theory and practical test.

Do I have to be a member in a Kitesurfclub?
No, to join a Kitesurf course or to rent Kitesurf material you don’t have to be member in a club.

Should I buy my own kite equipment after the course?
No, you don’t necessarily need your own equipment, you can rent the kite material on each Kitesurf center worldwide.

Can I rent material after the course?
Yes of course, you can rent the right material on the kitesurf center.

How much is a material rental?
If you rent kite material on a Planet Allsports center it costs 240€ per week!
Please check the Planet Allsport price list!



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