Stand-Up-Paddle lessons

Stand-up-paddling (SUP) is the new trendsport from Hawaii and it´s getting more and more famous around the world. Standing on a special Surfboard (SUP-Board) and using a long paddle, you can cruise around on lakes, rivers and on the sea and discover the nature from the waterside!
For Stand-up-paddling you need only a SUP-Board and a paddle – nothing more!
Why Stand-up-paddling is getting so famous?

• it´s simple to learn
• everybody can learn it, doesn´t matter if children or older people
• it´s almoust everywhere possible to stand-up-paddle, even on rivers in the city
• you can do by your self without anybody else
• it´s a perfect workout
• it gives you the surf-feeling
• it´s cheap to learn

We offer courses for every level, from beginner to advanced level who want to do their first steps into the waves.

Our instructors are experienced trainers and since many years already windsurf-, or kiteinstructors.


Beginner Course     First step into the SUP-Sport, 4hrs incl. material, 60 Euro


• Knowledge of equipment
• Paddle technic
• Board control
• Steering
• Safety
• Theorie
Step by Step
(Advanced Course)
    Improving the technic an riding in different conditions, first step into the waves, 2hrs incl. Material, 40 Euro:


• using different boards
• theorie about waves, reefs, currents, wave forecast
• Safety in waves
• paddle in the waves: how to pass oncoming waves
• catching waves: technic and timing to paddle and ride waves on a SUP board
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