Rental, is one of our elements!

There is only one way to satisfy you! A perfect rental-system with the up to date material and very important a perfect service.

To fulfill your requirements on the Windsurf, SUP and kite equipment, we do all our best to use our experience of more than 15 years and we co-operate with the world best Windsurf-, Kite- and SUP-brands.

Through the long experience we found out, that not only the quantity of the material is essential, it´s more the right choice of the right material for each spot as well as a perfect personal guidance.

Therefore we decided also for our unique rental system for windsurf material, the “FIX & MIX Rental System”, to meet 100% your needs!

For SUP and Kitesurfing we rent the equipment only according to the Pool-System.

To give you a better overview, we created our segments in different names and colors, for example the green Planet Kitesurfing logo is a synonym of Kiterental (pool-system) of the latest AIRUSH Kitematerial and Kitelessons. The blue Planet Windsurfing logo is a symbol for Windsurfrental of STARBOARD & SEVERNE equipment as well as professional tuitions.


Planet Windsurfing
planet windsurfing
    With the unique FIX & MIX rental system, you simply book the board of your dreams and you can be 100% certain that your "FIX-BOARD" will not be used by others during your vacation. In addition you have also the possibility to change or to use another board of a small "Mix-Board-Range", as often you like. Of course you can also switch to other "Fix-Boards" if they are not booked already. For sure you can change the sail as much as you like!
Don´t hesitate to ask us if you need any help to choose the right board for you!

Planet Kitesurfing
planet kitesurfing
    Our Kitecenters offer you a Kitepool. So you can choose depending on the wind your Kitematerial (Kite and Board). The team on spot will help you choosing the right staff for your ride. Try also different models out of the full range.

Planet Stand-up-paddle
planet sup
    Stand-up-paddle, SUP, is the new trend sport from Hawaii. Very famous already in USA, it´s getting more and more famous also in Europe and around the world. SUP is the easiest way to step into the world of surfing and to enjoy watersport in different ways. From flatwater paddling on lakes or rivers to Stand-up-paddling in the waves. In all our centers we have Fanatic SUP-Boards and in some give professional lessons from beginners who will have their first steps on flatwater-paddling to advanced SUP-Riders who will get into the waves. Also trips to different spots with different conditions we offer to you.


Kids, Couples, Beginners and Multisport Athletes   ride cheaper! 

    Focused on your needs we developed different rental-options. Kids until 16 years for example, will get a reduced price. Also beginners will get special material which we offer on a cheap price to make you entry in a wonderful sport as attractive as possible. For couples who travel for example with a small kid, they cannot windsurf together all the time, therefore we offer the Partner Rental where you use together one board. For those who cannot decide between one sport, we offer a combination out of two sports like the Combi Surf & Kite.

Get a complete overview in our priclist.




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